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pesticides or toxic flame retardants.

Avocado Green Mattress: The Eco-Friendly Mattress



Designed in 2015, this mattress is handmade. It is made to provide a natural and non-toxic bed. The avocado green mattress is made from organic materials and has the price that is affordable by an average consumer. It is made without petroleum-based polyurethane foam,







There can be reasons why you should patronize this type of mattress.


Health and Wellness


Quality of the indoor air may be more polluted than outdoor air. It is because of the things we have inside the house. The materials used for the building can be toxic as well as in the furniture. We can reduce our exposure to these contaminated materials. And since you spend more of your time in your bed, you have to make sure it is non-toxic. Getting the mattres guide consumer reviews can be your good start.


Made of Natural and Organic Materials


The avocado mattress is made from 100% natural latex. The manufacturing process is simple and efficient in energy. There is no synthetic rubber nor polyurethane foams. Instead of filling it with polyester fill, the company uses natural wool with unique properties. It is odor resistant, fire resistant and definitely breathable. This will give you the benefit of keeping you warm when the weather is cold and keep you cool if the weather is hot.


Critical Back Support and Superior Motion Control

Cushioning is vital in every mattress, and this green bed has that benefit. It provides you with excellent back support. If you are sleeping with your partner, their tossing won’t affect you. It will not wake you up as this mattress provides you with excellent motion control, so you can still an undisturbed sleep. The motion control will not sacrifice its gentle bounce. The manufacturer made sure you can enjoy the softness of the mattress and its internal support unit effectively isolates your partner’s movement.